An advert for Caracubo produced by Kori Pictures

Italy by Vespa

A journey through rural Italy. A Pilot for a TV program produced by Cuarto Creciente.


A documentary about the artist Philip Sutton. Produced by Kori Pictures.

See you Tomorrow

A shortfilm to raise awareness about the caregivers of people with Alzheimers. Produced by Impala. (Public Award by SNF film)

Human Capital

Five spots demonstrating a series of projects financed by ethical Banks. Produced by Quepo.

Cologne and Cotton

An internet video for Cologne and Cotton. Produced by Kori Pictures.


A Music Video “Aquella Ilusión” by Enrique Bermejo. Produced by Craka Films.

The silly villager

A 16mm shortfilm produced by ESCAC.

Where will you go

A 35mm shortfilm . The final project for my ESCAC degree. Produced by ESCÁNDALO FILMS.


A documentary that follows a group of teenagers engaged in the sport Parkour. Produced by ESCANDALO FILMS.


A HD shortfilm produced by Blanquerna University.


Two spots for a campaign undertaken by the company Retorna. Produced by QUEPO.

Reciclyng - Return

A report concerning the plastic recycling system. Produced by QUEPO.

Bags free

An advert for FPRC about the plastic bag free international day. Produced by QUEPO.

Return – The difference

A report demonstrating how the plastic desposit system works in Germany. Produced by QUEPO.

Demo Reel

Demo Reel 2009